Book Name: Maximum achievement
Author name: Brian Tracy

About the book: The book maximum achievement has in its techniques, methods, set of ideas that will make you successful. It has text describing, how some people in the past and some in the present have achieved so much more than others? Why do these people are able to do that others can`t even think of?

The author says that the techniques mentioned in the book are known for a long time but only a few people have been able to learn and implement them successfully.

These ideas will make you more successful than you are now because they are designed in a way that people who implement them are sure to become healthier, wealthier and happier than they were before.

About the author: Brian Tracy is an international bestselling author and a motivational speaker and coach. Brian has helped thousands of people to get better in their business, personal lives. He has written best-selling books such as Eat That Frog, Maximum Achievement etc.

He is also the CEO of Brian Tracy International. The company organizes seminars for people who want to make a change in their lives for better.


This is just a piece of information that is being provided to inculcate the love for reading in the audience. I do not own the right to the book the original rights belong to the publication and Brian Tracy.


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Book Summary of Maximum Achievement


Chapter 1. Make your life a masterpiece.

The author describes this age, this era as the golden age for mankind. There have been many revolutionary discoveries and there are more people becoming successful than ever before. Men and women from different parts of the world are achieving their dreams and ambitions

This book Maximum Achievement will show you how to improve your life, achieve your goals and realize your full potential. Regardless of your situation or who you are. If you follow the book`s teaching you are sure to excel in your life.

The author quotes that

There has probably never been a better time for you to achieve greater success, freedom, happiness and financial independence than at this very moment.


The seven ingredients of success

The author says that whatever you desire, whatever your ideal life might be. Your ideal life or dream life will have a mixture of some ingredients in it. Every average man has a deep desire to achieve his/her dream life.

If you want a dream life, it will always be a mixture of seven ingredients.
These ingredients are the same for everyone and don`t change regardless of the era.

The seven ingredients are
1.Peace of Mind

To have a sense of harmony in life, to be free of stress and hardships. Everyone wants to have inner peace and balanced life.

2.Health and Energy

To have a healthy body and mind throughout life. to be free of disease and suffering. You want to have a life in which you have energy regardless of age. You want to run like a child even in the old age. To stay young and healthy forever.

3.Loving Relationships

To have a happy family, loving wife, and children. To have friends who care for you and will help you in any situations.

4. Financial Freedom

To have abundant money to last for all your needs. You don`t want to work all your life for money and never have enough time with your family and friends.

You want to have enough money to enjoy what this world has to offer to you. Travel to different places buys different things have a big house go on a yacht etc.

5.Worthy goals and ideals

To have a sense of accomplishment in life. You want to achieve or do something of significance in your life. You want to contribute to society in such a way that you will be recognized as someone of importance. So that people will respect you and look at you as a role model.

6. Self-knowledge and self-awareness

You want to know who you are and what is your place in this universe. you want to know more about yourself that lies deep inside.

You want an answer to some questions such as: What is my purpose in this universe? What plan God has written for me?

7. Personal Fulfillment

People want to be happy not only from the outside but also from the inside. You don`t want regrets in your life which will make you sad.

You want to fulfill your own desires completely so that when you will be on your deathbed you won`t have any regrets in your life.

Chapter 2. Seven Laws of Mental Mastery

1.Law of Control

It states that you feel positive about yourself when you feel that you are in control of your own life and negative if you are not in control of your own life.

2.Law of Cause and Effect

Everything in your life happens for a reason or a cause. The cause can be known to you or not it doesn`t matter.
The author says that it is applicable universally and also quotes that  “There are no accidents.”

3.Law of Belief

It states that what you believe becomes your reality. If a person has strong beliefs about something, it definitely becomes his reality.

4.Law of Expectations

It states that what you expect from a situation will be given to you but not necessarily what you wanted.

The law can be stated as what you expect from your life will be given to you not what you wanted from your life. If you expect an average life you will get it, if you expect average marks from your test you will get it But not necessarily what you wanted.

5.Law of Attraction

This is quite a famous law known by most of the people. It states that you attract what you think. Your thoughts behave like a magnet which sends a signal to the universe and it responds with the thoughts.

6.Law of Correspondence

it states that what you see in the outside is similar to what happens in the inside. In other words, your internal states affect the external like the situations you are facing the people you meet the relationship you are in. All is a result of your inner mind and emotions.

7.Law of Equivalency

It states that your thoughts objectify themselves. It is actually similar to some other laws which say that your thoughts become your reality.


Chapter 3 Master Mind

Our mind is like a big computer, in fact, the biggest and most powerful computer there is. But we never use to get what we want. We just use it for rudimentary or seemingly unnecessary tasks.

Our mind has two parts one is the conscious and the other is the subconscious.

Our conscious mind is like the user of the computer and our subconscious mind is like the hardware of the computer. The hardware can perform any task that the user inputs in the computer. But the only available data is the user provided data. if the data is faulty no way the result is going to be correct.

Therefore, we must input correct data to the subconscious mind that will give you the correct result. It can be affirmations, changing of mindset or practicing belief or keeping faith in oneself.

The author says that great men and women have developed great and unshakable faith in their abilities to overcome overwhelming obstacles in their lives. Therefore they are able to achieve anything in their lives even if it seems impossible to the world.



This is the end of the summary of the book Maximum Achievement


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