Let me tell you something about us


What Is Readersvilla ?


  Readersvilla is place where you can learn new things that will help you to grow in your business , personal life , social life and my personal life . I want to help you to get knowledege from thousands of books that are out there to you in simple and easy  summaries that are precise and used by many other successful people all around the world . By gaining this knowledge and applying this to your life you too can change your life and become the person you want to be

the possibilities are endless so come and join

Why I Do What I Do


The reason is that I was tired of my day to day life . I was living a normal life . I was very shy and was afraid to take decisions on my own . My social life was terrible and so was My personal life. That is why my life was always not the that I wanted . My financial conditions were not so good . So I decided to learn new things and change my self. 

 Why Did I Start   Readersvilla ?


Like everybody else I too was a nobody . I was fed up with my life the way it was so I decided to change . I want to share with you the knowledge that I have got through reading books and applying them in my life. I was in search of a way to do it . 

The Origin Story


As I was doing the work to change my life from the roots , there was nobody to tell me what to do . There were no mentors in my life who would guide me . I had to learn on my own . 

Then i realized that there may be people out there that might be facing similar problems . So i asked myself what can i do to help such people .

Thus , I started Readersvilla . To help the people that want something different in life.