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Book Summary: Drive

Author Name: Daniel H. Pink

About the book: Drive by Daniel Pink is all about motivation. It tells us that motivation is not what scholars and philosophers thought it is rather it is an evolving concept. The book also dops insights on the methods that were used in the past and their effects on the future.


Book Summary of Drive: The Surprising Truths Abot What Motivates Us


1. Puzzle Experiment

In 1969 Edward Deci a psychology and MBA graduate was intrigued by the theories behind motivation. He believed that scholars and many businessmen
misunderstood the psychology of motivation.

He performed an experiment in which the participants were divided into two groups

1. Experimental Group
2. Control Group

The participants had to solve a soma puzzle in a span of one hour sessions for three consecutive days. The participants would enter a room with Deci and for one hour they would solve the puzzle according to drawings provided by him.

After one hour Deci would tell the participants that he will now enter the results into the computer and would leave the room. But in reality, he would go into the room just next to the participant with a one-way window from where he would observe the participants for eight minutes.

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On the first day, the participants in both groups were not rewarded if they solved the puzzle. After the session, Deci left and entered the next room and observed that the group 1 and group 2 people played with the puzzle for on an average one to four minutes.

The next day group 1 participant were given 1$ for the puzzle solved but the group 2 participants were not. He observed that group 1 people
after the 1-hour session played with the puzzle for longer than last time.

On the last day group, 1 participant was not given any reward for their effort. There was a drastic change in the behavior the people after the session played with the puzzle for just half the time from the first session. But the result in group 2 was unchanged of this.
They played with puzzle a little longer than the last two sessions

He observed that group 2 people genuinely became interested in the puzzle. The introduction of money had a completely opposite effect the participants had a small boost of motivation but when the money was removed the person losses long term motivation.

2. Motivation 2.0

drive Daniel pink









The author says to imagine yourself in the year 1995, you ask an MBA graduate and economist one question

“I’m going to describe two new encyclopedias—one just out, the other to be launched in a few years. You have to predict which will be more successful in 2010.”
“The first encyclopedia comes from Microsoft”
“The second encyclopedia won’t come from a company. It will be created by tens of thousands of people who write and edit articles for fun

Anybody in the year 1995 would have guessed that Microsoft will be successful. because Microsoft is a big corporation with thousands of employees and its recent success of Windows 95.

But in reality 10 years later Microsoft had to shut down the encyclopedia because of its defeat to Wikipedia. A free online encyclopedia which has millions of articles on it. The people who wrote these articles weren`t even paid any kind of money as compared to Microsoft’s paid writers.

But the other writers worked hard on each article that too without any rewards for their labor. The author says this was a controversial topic when it comes to human behavior.

These results show that money cannot win against passion

Do what you love and the money will follow.Click To Tweet

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3. Type I and Type X

The author Daniel pink says that there are two types of persons according to their motivation type. They are Type I and Type X

Type I 

The person hos motivation is not affected by external factors. These people have always outperformed than the type X people in the long run. Their motivation does not come from rewards, they love what they do and are willing to master it. Their motivation is to make themselves better and better day by day.

Type X

These people are totally opposite of type I as their motivation depends on external factors. Type X will have a short boost of motivation because of rewards but it won`t last for long. Their sole motivation is money, If you take money out of the equation then the motivation will become zero.

Daniel Pink says to become more like the Type I rather than the Type X.

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