Are self-help books worth the time and money?     

Are self-help books helpful as they claim to be?

These are the questions that you probably have in mind right now. I understand you, it is normal to have such doubts in your mind. I too had them personally, but once I got started My opinion have changed significantly.

In this post, I will share with you some benefits of reading self-help books. You will surely have a different perspective on these books after you finish reading.

Also, I will share a secret in the post that nobody seems to be talking about. Read the post till the end and the secret shall be yours.

A little history of self-help books

The reading society has a lot of options when it comes to books. There are many genres of books like fiction, romance, thrill etc. But the less popular is the nonfiction genre and it has the hidden gem i.e the self-help books.

The self-help or self-improvement genre is a growing industry. Before the internet, it was unpopular and less know. But due to the growth of internet users and of course Amazon. People nowadays have become more aware of their existence.


What are self-help books?

benefits of reading self help books, self improvement

Books that are written with a goal to help other people with wisdom and knowledge comes under the self-help genre. It is mainly in the form of personality development, financial help, and other stuff which is a topic for another day.

The authors write such books to share their wisdom and experience with others in order to improve other peoples lives. It feels really amazing to read them as they provide great value to the readers.

Now that you know what self-help books are. Let’s move on to the benefits of reading them and also the secret that you will be shocked to know.

1.Know others experiences

The authors that write self-help books have one thing in common they don`t like to shoot an arrow in the dark. The people who write these books have either done something incredible in their lives or related to the field, they have helped others with their knowledge, researched some successful people for the topic.

This ensures that people are getting practical knowledge not just theoretical. Most of the books will have examples from the experiences of other people. This is important because You will save more time by learning from others failures and experience than manually trying everything.

2. Make a breakthrough

If you are facing a difficult situation in your life right now, then reading self-help books is a must for you. The reason is that self-help books contain real and practical knowledge that will help you to get out of the situation.

Whatever situation you are facing right now there is a 90% chance that someone else must have gone through something similar. It doesn`t matter how difficult it is to get out of the situation if someone else can do it why not you?

You can learn the things that they did in order to get out of the situation which you too can use in your life. This way you can gain practical wisdom and then be able to face similar situations with the knowledge of how to deal with them

if you know someone has done it before, doing it know won`t be as hard as the first time. This implies that self-help books are worth the time and money. Otherwise, such a huge audience for such books won`t exist as it does today.

3. Reinvent yourself

In life some times you feel stuck and overwhelmed, you are not able to figure out what`s going on. Your mind, your body and your heart will be in different directions.

Self-help books can help you to reinvent yourself and discover your new side. that you never knew existed. If you feel fed up of your life and the way you live. Reading self-help books can help you get out of the box and discover new things about yourself.

For example :

Tony Robbins

He is a motivational speaker and life coach who teaches others how to improve themselves. He is also one of the top self-help book authors who has written many top-selling books in his carrier.

People who read his books have seen a significant change in their lives, carriers, and relationships. He also writes books for people with depression and other psychological problems to help them get out of the situation.

4. Get better

What would you do if you knew only one path to get from point A to point B? Chances are you will follow the same path that you know even if it takes longer to reach the destination.

Now, what if you knew someone who has the knowledge of the different paths and can tell you the safest and the fastest way to get there?

The later will be the best option for you.

Similarly, if you read books, you will find out different ways of doing the same things and take a better decision on which one to choose for the best result. It will also help you get better at doing things as now you will be aware of what you have been doing wrong and what has worked for others.

5. A SECRET that nobody seems to talk about

Now its time for the most awaited point. I know you were really excited to know the secret that I mentioned earlier in the post. If you are still reading congratulations, you are now worthy of knowing the secret

So here it is.

If you have ever read a few self-help books on any platform before. You might have noticed that some pieces of information are relatable. Then you feel like, you have read this before. You go through your memory and then realize that you have read similar information in some other self-help books.

Well, it is good news for you.

Why is it good news?

Self-help books have information or knowledge that people have used or found out by themselves. They have used it to get out of the situations or in any situation in their life. And if you find similar information in other books this means that it is working for others too. If you find it a number of times, then remember you have hit a gold mine.

For example:

If a number of people recommend a skincare product to you, won`t you buy it?

If a number of people recommend a shop to you, won`t you check it out once?

You get the point right?

If you find similar information in different books that means it is important and it will definitely work for you too. So if you find something like this in the future immediately write it down on a piece of paper and start applying it to your life.

Now you know the secret. I request you NOT to tell anyone (Just joking):P


What I`ve learned after reading many self-help books?

I personally have been reading self-help or self-improvement books for a long time now. And I assure you that it works. There are many others like me who have found these books worth the money. That`s why I personally recommend them to others.

But I know that many of us don`t have enough money in our pockets to buy every new self-help book that gets published. And sometimes it can become tedious and frustrating when you don`t find new information. You can really be pissed off as it will result in wastage of your hard earned money.

But worry not guys I have a solution for this problem.

If you can’t or don`t want to buy every new self-help book out there. Then why don`t you read the book summaries of these books?

You can read book summaries like on my website You can read book summaries of these books and then decide which one to buy if you think it will provide you value.

This will save your money and time also will not make you frustrated. You can read such book summaries on my website and also on others too.

There are many book summary bloggers out there (like me) who write book summaries for free and you don`t have to pay a dime. You can buy the book once you feel convinced of its value for you.

If you can read book summaries for free then why to buy the book?

I know this is what is going on in your mind right now. It really does make a good point but something is missing.

For example:

If you want to buy a product from Amazon. Do you just see the reviews some photos, and the description of the product and then never buy it?


You read the description and reviews. Then select the best for you and then order it. Similarly, you have to buy the whole book to get more information and knowledge.

The summaries, no doubt are of best quality but it is not possible to summarise the whole book in a single blog post. So, you have to manually read the book in order to get the most out of it.


If you want to save money and time on self-help books. Then try reading book summaries and then decide whether to buy them or not. Be sure to buy a book if you like it because book summaries are just a short explanation from the book. You won`t be able to get the most out of the book buy just reading the summaries.

Buy the book once you are convinced of its value and then read it however you want.

If you are convinced or want to try reading self-help books or book summaries on this website Book Summaries

Also if you want a book summary of any self-help book just comment down below the book name and I will do the book summary of it.



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