Book Summary: Anti-Procrastination Habits
Author: S.J.Scott

About the author:  S.J.Scott is an author, internet entrepreneur. He runs a successful online business. He has published many books on the Kindle store. He says that he too was suffering from procrastination habit that affected his high school and college life. This habit was impacting his business too So he decided to overcome this habit. He writes about what habit he developed that helped him to overcome his procrastination.

About the book: The book  Anti-Procrastination Habit is a guide for an extreme procrastinator to overcome this habit. The author too suffered from severe procrastination that really made him sick. He was frustrated and decided to change this habit. Over the years he used several methods to get things done and not procrastinating. He wrote about the habits that he practiced every single day that made him stop procrastination

Book Summary

1. Develop Good Habits

Habits create a routine and let’s face it—most of us run our lives by some sort of routine. We get up in the morning and follow a preset pattern: Take a shower, brush our teeth, get dressed, make breakfast, drive to work, do work and then go home.

Some of us choose to follow self-improvement habits: Set goals, read inspirational books, work on important projects and ignore wasteful distractions.

Others choose self-destructive habits: Do the bare minimum, dull creativity through low-quality entertainment, eat junk food and blame others for their failures in life.

Daily habits are sort of magic mirror that might tell your future. The things that you do every day are the things that shape your future. If you eat good and healthy food, Exercise regularly, do not engage in any bad activities. You probably will have a good and healthy future.

According to research, You can tell what health you will have 18 years later by the habits you have now.


It’s very simple, right?

If you are really productive right now in your life. you will probably get ahead of most of your friends, relatives a few years later.


But if you are not doing good in your life right now you probably practiced the habit of procrastination every day when you were a teenager or you were in the college.

The truth is, habits can be both good and bad. They define who we are, what we do and what we can accomplish in life. 


2. Clear Your Mind

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a to-do list?

There are times when we’ve all felt trapped by the amount of “stuff” that needs to be completed. We do our best to get everything done, but often it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all.

The author says that your mind is constantly bombarded by thoughts and ideas. Ideas that are most of the times,  crap. But sometimes they might be the million dollar ideas that will make you successful.

Now it happens in rare cases that you will become a millionaire.

Because now you are a procrastinator and probably will procrastinate on taking action on the million dollar ideas that you have thought of.

But if you really want to become rich with your idea. Why don`t you just write it down somewhere safe? So, that when you have enough time to spare you can review the idea to make sure it`s not some another piece of crap.

Now, I won`t promise you that every idea you will have will make you some money. But writing them down in some sort of medium will tell your mind that “Don` worry I have saved my idea somewhere safe and nobody would steal it.”

So, your mind will be free to focus on the current task and give your best at completing the task.


3. Start Small


Instead of worrying about how much you do a habit, you should simply focus on turning it into a daily routine—even if it’s a small amount.

The author explains that when you try to implement a new habit in your everyday life. You will be able to follow it for some time like for a week or two. But after you have hit your limit Your brain will crave to go back to the things you were doing before.

It is hard changing the habit of procrastination. Because your brain doesn`t want to do hard stuff that will take a lot of energy.

To change this, the author says to start small. He says if you can`t do it completely do just a little bit of it. But do it every day.

If you want to do more exercise, do just 10 minutes every day for the first week an then increase the time of exercise every week. In few months exercising will become your daily habit.

4. Be Patient


We would all like to see instant results. And when they don’t happen, it’s easy to get frustrated and give up. Often, we lie to ourselves and say a goal doesn’t matter, when it actually does.

The important thing to remember is that results don’t happen overnight. You need to be patient as you slowly work through a project or goal.

We live in a world of connectivity where we are given what we want in a short span of time. Really its now considered dumb to go out of your house, walk a couple of steps and go to the nearest dominos and order your pizza.

But what the smart and easy way tells you is “Why to bother even getting out of your house and walking a few steps. Just call on this number and we will deliver your pizza at your doorstep.”

Now you will say, yeah it’s the best way to order stuff because it saves your time. But what I would suggest is walk some steps get your body out of the couch and go to the shop. Even if you eat junk food, you will burn some calories by walking on your way home.

But you won`t listen to me and book a cab on uber, right?

But how does this affect your life and what does it has to do with patience?

Your life gets affected by these small things that you do every day. If you show impatience every day in your life. Guess what? you will become an impatient person.

When you start developing these habits in your day to day life. It won`t happen within a week or even a month. Because Good Things Take Time to Happen.

You have to be patient and do the work.

5. Imagination

It’s easy to become unmotivated when you have a million other things to do. This is true even when you have a burning desire to complete a goal. Sure, you might really want an outcome, but the process of achieving it often becomes a daily grind. That’s why it’s important to turn a goal into a living, breathing thing.

Now, I don’t really believe in the Law of Attraction, but I do believe there’s something to be said for positive thinking and visualizing your goals.


When you have lost your motivation to go on through the pain to achieve your goals. It becomes hard even to lay a foot on the ground. When you go through such a situation and I guarantee you will. You have to find a way to motivate yourself to keep going.


The author suggests creating a DREAMBOARD for yourself as a place where you can clearly see your dreams come true.

He says that having your goals or destinations in front of you gives you that extra motivation to keep resisting urge to procrastinate.

He says to make a board with the photos of your dream and goals and to keep it in front of your eyes at all times.

So when you don`t feel like keep doing the work. It will serve as motivation for you.


This is the end of the summary of Anti-procrastination habit.



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