Book summary : Think and grow rich
Author : Napoleon Hill

About the author : Napoleon Hill was a american self help author . He was born in a poor family in a one – room cabin in southwest Virginia.

He is considered one of the best authors in history . His life was full of failures and mishaps. He failed in many ventures and in his marriage.

Through out his life he was in search of the secret of success . The principles that will help anyone to achieve success .

He was influenced and encouraged by Andrew Carnegie to invest 25 years of his life in interviewing 500 successful people and their principles to riches.

About the book

Author napoleon hill once was on his job to take interview of the worlds richest man at that time ANDREW CARNEGIE.

After the interview Mr . Carnegie gave a proposal to the author to write a book on a success formula that will help people to achieve success .

He said that , he will introduce him to the most successful people of that time , and he had to take all their experiences and study them and write a book about it , but he will not get paid for his work .

Author accepted the proposal without having any second thoughts and invested his next 25 years in studying the most successful people of that time .

Through their experiences , he wrote this book Think And Grow Rich . In this book their are principles that have been followed by many people to become successful .

The Summary of Think And Grow Rich

1.Ch Desire

The first step towards riches is the presence of a burning desire.
The author has shared a story of Edwin .C. Barnes who wanted to work with Edison . He wanted it so bad that he made it a obsession .

After working hard he finally succeeded and worked as a partner to Edison.

The author says that you have to have a BURNING DESIRE to achieve your goal .
If you want to succeed you must have an intense desire to do so . You must desire and settle for no less . You must be obsessed with what you want . And must be able to do any thing to make it happen .

The author has mentioned a method by which the desire can be used to create riches

1 step

Fix in your mind exact amount of money you want . It must be specific.

2 step

Determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire.

3 step

Determine a date when you intend to possess the money you want.

4 step

Create a plan to achieve your desire and begin at once .

5 step

Write on a paper a clear statement of the amount of money you want , the time limit for its acquisition .
What you intend to give in return for the money ?

Describe clearly the plan through which you want to accumulate it .

6 step

Read this statement aloud , twice daily . Imagine that you are already in possession of it.


2. Ch Faith

You must develop an unbeatable faith in your dreams . Faith will help you move forward even if you can`t see where to go .

It will give you the strength to go through the pain , suffering in your journey .
for those of you who don`t have enough faith in themselves , their plan , etc . who don`t have faith in their dreams . The author says that faith can be developed subconsciously through some methods .

He says that faith is a state of mind which can be created with the help of affirmations given to the subconscious mind .

He introduces the principle of autosuggestion. He says , repeated affirmation of orders to your subconscious mind develops the emotion of faith .

The author mentions words of a famous criminologist ,” When men first come in contact with crime , they abhor it . If they remain in contact with crime for a time , they become accustomed to it and endure it . If they remain in contact with it long enough , they finally
will embrace it , and become influenced by it .” this proves that your subconscious mind takes repeated actions , orders and converts it into reality.

There are number of people who believe that they are destined to be poor below poverty level . But that`s not true .

It is their BELIEF of being poor that is making them poor , the repetition of such orders are picked up by the subconscious mind and converts them into reality .


Your mind will take the influences which dominate it . If you feed it negative emotions guess what ?  You will become a negative person .

On the contrary , if you feed it with positive emotions you will become a positive person . Every man is what he is because of the dominating thought he permits to occupy his own mind .

Method of Autosuggestion

The author suggests to write down on paper.

1. Your chief goal
2. A clear vision of what you intend to become.
3. Give ten minutes daily to auto suggest to yourself the positive emotions.
4. Decide that whatever it takes you are going to get what you want
5. Through out negative emotion from your mind ,
6. Serve others , your employees , customers , or any of the people that are the reason           you are succeeding .

You must read this statement everyday to develop an unbeatable faith in yourself , your dream, your plans etc. And surely you will attract success .

This is the end of the book summery of this wonderful book “THINK AND GROW RICH” .

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