Elon Musk needs no introduction. He is the CEO of the worlds top tech companies and he is a tech BIllionaire. He is famous for his ambitious and
so-called sci-fi dreams and goals that people believe are impossible to complete in the time frame that Elon promises. But Elon works
really hard and smartly to make his dream come true.

The Marvel character tony stark aka Iron Man was modeled after him. Because both were genius, billionaire and super intelligent.

His Childhood

Unlike Iron, Man Elon was born in South Africa in. From childhood, Elon was a really special child. But it was really hard for his friends
and even parents to understand this. Everybody thought of Elon as another normal book lover. Because Elon loved to read books so much that
he used to spend all his time reading books of his interests. His mother tells that Elon used to read five hours a day or even sometimes ten hours
a day. He would spend his weekends in the two local libraries instead of his own home. His mother says whenever I couldn`t find
him in the house, I would go search the local libraries and I would hin in one of them.

There is a famous story told by the parents is that He even began to ask the library owners to bring more books because he had
read them all. Since he didn`t have anything to read he started reading the encyclopedia of Britannica. and completed all ten volumes

He really was a whiz kid from childhood. He taught himself programming at the age of 12. While learning to the code he became really fond of
playing games like arcade or video game. He was so fascinated that he and his brother came up with a business plan to open an arcade. The two brothers had
even made lease papers for the shop but the plan got canceled because of the age limit and refusal of their parents.

Start Of His Entrepreneurial Journey

But who could have stopped Elon from selling stuff and making money out of it? At the age of 13, he created a video game called BLASTER
and sold it for $ 500. It was his first sale and was a valuable experience for him.

Then with his brother, he went on to found a company called Zip2 which was a huge success. It was then bought by Compaq for
$307 million. It was the biggest sum paid to a tech company at that time. It really was a huge achievement of musk. And he then became famous for
his work.

After successfully making a tech company and selling it. Musk was left with millions of dollars. So what to do with this money?
Musk looked for different opportunities and finally found one. He realized that the finance industry was still not revolutionized.
It was like still in the old days. If you have to send a cheque to a distant place. You would have to send it by post. But musk thought of it differently.
Musk“ plan was to make a website or a pathway for virtual transactions. To make these goals come true. He founded
X.com with his brother in.

X.com was a company which deals with the exchange of virtual currency. After its merger with Confinity another similar tech company. The
joint venture was named as PayPal. Musk had a share of 11% in the company. When PayPal was bought by eBay he received
$165 million for his share in the company.

Again Elon could have easily just spent the rest of his life chilling at a private island or a big house. But Musk did not like spending his money on other things.
He considers doing something useful more important.
So with his money, he went on to start Space X, Tesla, and SolarCity.All three of them were very ambitious projects.

Ambitious Ventures

Space X is a space company that has goals to make space travel affordable. Musk has a goal to put a man on the mars. To make this goal
dream come true he started this company in 2002.

Tesla is a car manufacturing company which makes electric cars that are not only loaded with awesome technology but also has a sleek design. Musk`s company has sold hundreds of cars and made many happy customers.

SolarCity is a solar energy service provider. it has become one of the top companies in America and has also made the use of conventional energy mainstream. Many people in America are using solar energy to generate eco-friendly energy.

But doing all this was not easy, Because any success does not come without some hardships. Elon had to endure a lot of hardships and stress while trying to keep his companies alive. It took a lot of hard work to rise from a bad situation. Space X has to face three continuous failures before it succeeded in the fourth attempt. Tesla was about to die due to the economic crash of 2008.

Right now, Elon Musk is trying to manage all his companies and to keep them working. He follows an insane schedule to be able to perform his job as the CEO of three big companies. He works anywhere between 80 to 100 hours a week which still more than any normal person can do.


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